Breeding fetish

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Women have been astonishingly creative through thousands of years, devising all kinds of ways to fuck without conceiving. We try to outwit nature before, during, and after the act. Even now with multiple forms of conception prevention, we still aim to lower the risk. Men help us too, hoping to dodge the bullet of an unwanted pregnancy and all it might entail. You ejaculate into a rubber, or far away from our wombs. The irony is, of course, that the very reason sex is of any interest to any of us is procreation!

It matters not if we are too old, too young, masturbating solo, on birth control, or same sex partners—the urge exists in the first place because of the goal of perpetuation of the species. We have cleverly harnessed it to give us pleasure beyond the childbearing years, we have evaded and outwitted its natural consequences, we have let it glue us together and bond us and express love and lust independently of making babies.

When I first heard about the breeding fetish, I was horrified. I read stories of couples indulging their seed-planting breeder kinks, unable to comprehend such insanity. I felt something I seldom feel—judgmental and kink-shaming. How dare people have an impregnation fetish or be aroused by breeding! I had a good laugh at myself. But I realized it is our ingenuity in stopping the natural outcome of sex that is strange, not arousal at the idea of the resulting union of intercourse. In a purely biological sense, and perhaps in other ways too, the pinnacle of sex is not just genital to genital but the actual union of cells and ignition of life.

Many men have a pregnancy or lactation fetish , engaging in adult nursing relationships. The breeding kink however, is specific to the actual impregnation. The idea that your sperm is sparking her egg is arousing. This impregnation kink is unusual in that it is shared by many women, unlike many other fetishes.

This makes a strange kind of sense. On another level, women sacrifice a lot in terms of health and wealth to conceive. Getting knocked up by some player who just got out of prison would be a truly unfortunate ending for some of my fantasies, if I had this kink.

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Breeding fetish

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Impregnation Fetish Explained: Where Risks Meets Satisfaction