Butt nudes

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Seriously, a quick scroll through Instagram will remind you everyone loves a good butt photo. Nailing the angle in a mirror selfie is always tough, and lighting is hard to manage there, too. Oh, and BTW, I included a bit of belfie inspo below with photos displaying women, but I want to remind and encourage you that everyone can celebrate their booty with a belfie! A post shared by Evgenia Ribinik Studios evgeniaribinikstudios. When taking a photo of, well, anything , angles make all the difference.

This is especially true when it comes to your butt. Mednik notes that while butts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many women strive for the same ideal. Part of the beauty of belfies—and really, any nude photos at all—is that they capture you exactly as you are. Odds are, the person on the receiving end of your belfie already knows what you look like, anyway.

A post shared by Anastasia Karanikolaou stassiebaby. So instead of forcing everybody into some pop-culturally defined ideal, Mednik looks at each client individually. But one tried-and-true angle Mednik turns to again and again? So start there. What do those photos have in common? Do they skew more Kim Kardashian break-the-internet Paper cover, or more artsy and authentic?

Maybe something in between? A post shared by Irina Mednik frenchkissboudoir. Stand with your legs crossed. This will emphasize the shape of your tush, giving you that hourglass look so many people are fond of. No shame—remember, flat butts can be just as beautiful as juicy ones.

Side selfies are also a great option—just make sure to vary what your legs are doing. But how am I supposed to snap anything like this without the help of a personal butt photographer? Make a day out of it and have some fun practicing poses and angles. When lighting your belfies, revisit your moodboard or your bookmarked Instagrams, or wherever else your belfie treasure trove lies. Is the lighting soft and romantic? Is it harsh? Different lighting set-ups can give photos entirely different vibes, so spend some time figuring out what you want on the front-end. Not only can you simply open a window no equipment, required , but you can also be a little less precise with your angles and composition and still end up with something that looks good.

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Butt nudes

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Butt Nudes