Difference between sub and slave

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The statement itself does hold a lot of truth. However, reading that line alone le to a lot of misunderstandings for someone who is just learning. Therefore, it is unfair to define in stone that a submissive only gives up some of their power. For example, I am a masochist, a kitten and a little in my dynamic, but above all I am a submissive. This is what makes dynamics so interesting and unique. It is a title that has always been earned in the lifestyle. You earned this title through a wide range of experience, including for some, learning to be a submissive first.

Anyone with this title was highly respected in the community. Until You were given the title by others in the community, You were a Dominant, period. In the submissive role at the far end of it we have what we call a slave. Some will say that a slave has given up all power and control but at the same time a slave has the ability to get up and walk out of the dynamic at any time just like anyone else.

A true Dominant would probably not want this from a slave, but my point is that this would be a limit. With that, a slave would again have a higher respect level in the community than a submissive, because it was earned. Things are not as formal as they used to be though.

The only way to give up complete control to another person is by fully trusting Them and making sure that what They are looking for matches up with what you are looking for. At this point, a slave can fully submit to the Dominant without question of the Dominants wishes for rules and expectations.

Both a submissive and a slave should listen to their Dominants final decision in the end and do as they are told outside of agreed limits for a submissive. As much as a slave does not set limits, when something new is introduced to them, they have the right to be thoroughly educated and discuss it at length to have a full understanding of it. Once that has been done, they are expected to obey and participate in it.

No information or discussion on it ahead of time borders on abuse of the slave, rather than a healthy BDSM dynamic. If the slave is still uncomfortable with it at this point, depending on the dynamic and agreements in place, the slave can either still do it or leave the dynamic if that is what the Dominant wants. When something new is introduced to a submissive. They will also have the chance to discuss it at length, but then they get a chance again depending on the dynamic to add that to their limits, or obey it if they wish.

To summarize what was discussed very quickly, what is the difference between a slave and a submissive? A slave feels the need to give up all control and find a Dominant who matches up with them in order to have a successful dynamic. A submissive scales from someone who does not want to give up all control, but feels the need to submit in certain ways all the way to someone who gives up all control like a slave, but does not take to the title slave.

Again, this is just what I have learned and may not match up with how everyone feels. But it is the most accurate information that I have come across about the topic. Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public. Name required. Search for:. Where else to find us: We run a new group on FaceBook which is easy to and shares a lot of the same information but with community involvement: Alternative Lifestyle.

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Difference between sub and slave

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Sub vs Slave - What's the difference?