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The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users. About gfe. Profile Information Gender Male. Recent Profile Visitors The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users. Lowest profile rotary encoders? While I don't use Arduinos in my projects and can't provide a code sample, I've done exactly this before in other environments. Should be easy enough to do this in an Arduino sketch. Basically you read the knob in an "if" clause and only evaulate rotation when it is pressed.

You can go even further and use the SMD models, though these are a bit more difficult to solder. Really low profile encoders 2. But be aware that the smaller the encoder, the lower the required torque. Control Loading with Odrive and brushless motors gfe replied to Thorax 's topic in Cockpit Deers. That would be a bit too far into the non-holding side. Flying by hand, your DME Arc is perfectly ok, btw.

You twist the OBS off by 10 deg, wait until it centers, dial in another 10 deg step etc. In between, you watch your DME distance and correct accordingly. DME in GS mode should show around 0 groundspeed. While that may be feasible in a C, imagine what turn you would have to fly in a fast jet to capture R I would rather fly a course reversal procedure in the published hold at BAR, parallel entry.

The BFF system works absolutely good and Ian is doing a great job in support. He even did built an extra driver for me when I had a low level communication issue. So I can absolutely recommend it to everyone who wants a turnkey solution on the driver side. But it uses its own equations for calculating forces and there are only limited ways to edit those. I'm looking for a solution, where I can directly use and evaluate the forces that X-Plane calculates, and have full control over them via a plugin.

I've started measuring and recording control forces on some planes that I fly, and wo. They are a bit difficult to purchase for non-commercial customers, and I would like to be more flexibel on the motor sourcing. This is one of the reasons I'm looking into ODrive. The dimensions of my de are constrained by real life spacing of the pedals, somewhat realistic feet exerting forces and basic physics law of levers, f. IFR planning - first flight, help and suggestions needed gfe replied to july85 's topic in Flight School Discussion.

So in your example, the question is hypothetic, as your routing does not comply and would not be accepted anyway. You should at least try to select a published airway from the lower airspace charts and choose an altitude mentioned there. In case you are referring to the semi-circular altitude rules, I think they are of little use in lower airspace IFR flying. For your flight, Eurocontr.

Nice to see that not everone only wants to fly the big jets. I believe there is a lot of challenges in single hand IFR flying in small planes as well. You will have to stay in VMC until reaching the fix. So you will depart from Jihlava is it were a VFR flight. Your routing should be ok for sim flying.

In reality, you would need a flight planning. Suggest you just build a few of the examples and then edit them to your requirements. If you want to use the VS debugger, take your X-Pla. Very interested to see how that will work for you. While the BFF control loading works quite well with its own force calculations, I do miss the possibility of feeding it with the actual X-Plane datarefs.

Using an ODrive control might be much more efficient. Discovering underlying datarefs used in premade instruments gfe replied to Mark7 's topic in X-Plane Developers and Plugins. I don't think LR use datarefs in their built-in instruments. Datarefs are only a representation of the internal variables for plugins, so why would any LR dev use a referrer when they have access to the actual sourcecode variables.

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