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New Uber XXX app allows local users to find and fuck each other within 24 hours. Another day, another adult dating site. Uberhorny is one of the many new hookup sites on the scene which helps horny guys find equally horny gals for no strings attached sex. Inspired by the name of the international taxi phenomenon, Uberhorny aims to link you up with local people in your city who want the same thing you do - unadulterated fucking.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? But how does Uberhorny compare to some of the other casual dating sites on the market? Unfortunately, Uberhorny has scam written all over it - at least that's what I got from my first impression. It's home is very basic and seems to be a mish-mash of different colours and elements.

Definitely not a good look, to be honest. By the same token, there's not much information about what the site is. If I didn't know it was an adult dating site then I'd think it was a plain old porn site. The site prompts you to put your basic details in, like gender, sexual orientation and address, and then you're sent to a up .

I had to up before I even had a clue what to expect from Uberhorny. The profile registration process was a little unnecessary, too. To begin with, I had to answer a bunch of personality questions and then fill in the basics like age, location, and password. Once my was created, it was then a matter of narrowing down my potential matches by age range, body type, ethnicity and location. Setting up my own profile was easy enough, filling out a short bio and adding up to ten pictures. Then it was onto the legal proceedings apparently you won't find any fake profile on Uberhorny, but we'll see how truthful that is later.

Then, Uberhorny makes you play a sort of mini game, where you have to rate a bunch of different people whether they're hot or not. You can opt out of this if you want, but it helps Uberhorny match you to potential fuck partners.

After this, things got a little better. The site opened up a lot more and was much easier to navigate. It was still very simplistic, which made me have doubts about the site's authenticity, but from this point, it improved a lot. I'm sorry to say that for those who like their dating sites to come with a little interactivity, Uberhorny. As far as dating sites, it's as barebones as any you'll find. Uberhorny takes a conventional dating site approach, foregoing the modern approach of swiping left and right.

Instead, you're free to enjoy as many profiles as you like. To search for your ideal hookup partner, you have a of options available. The regular search filters narrow down by age, location or gender, while the advanced search lets you narrow down members by more specific things like body type and sexual kinks. Alternatively, you can use the who's online service to see women who are active right now, as well as any member who is knew to the platform. There's a useful swipe game on Uber Horny which has become standard for most hook up sites now. The site will share a list of photos with you and you have to rate whether you think they're attractive or not.

The users you do mark as hot will get a notification, which could then lead to a conversation. Chat features on the website are decent, offering text, video and group chat depending on your membership level. One feature of the Uberhorny website which will appease the porn fans is the amount of casual porn you'll run into.

Members are able to photos and videos of themselves without any restrictions, so you can be sure that there'll be some serious filth on display. Not only that, but Uberhorny also offers users the option to stream themselves on cam. If that wasn't enough, Uberhorny also has an affiliation with the popular site CamSoda , and it constantly advertises models which are currently online on there.

Even if you're not actively looking or searching for it, you'll definitely run into a few horny ladies getting themselves off. Some of the Uber Horny features mentioned above aren't available unless you upgrade to the Gold Membership package. The basic gives you a limited of chat messages and that's pretty much it.

You can't view videos, cam streams or enlarge a profile photo. You can only do this if you upgrade. Personally, I think the idea of Uber Horny charging users for a trial subscription is a little naughty. I think the 2 day trial is quite pointless because you can't really get a full feel for the site in 2 days in some cases, it can take longer than that for girls to reply to your messages.

With that in mind, the 7 day trial package seems like the best option. For premium membership rates, the 1 month option seems incredibly harsh. That's a lot of money for any site, let alone one with is nowhere near as popular as some others on the market. However, the 6 and 12 month paid packages give a passable return on your investment.

It's not outstanding by any means, but it's not the worst rating out there. Sadly, to get the most out of Uberhorny, you'll need to shell out for one of these subscriptions. Access to the gold membership is crucial for enjoying the site at all. Uberhorny is a solid mid-carder in the dating site scene. It's an incredibly basic place, but personally I see that as a positive although another review might not.

Communication with other members on the site is pretty good once you've upgraded your subscription. There doesn't appear to be many fakes on the site I saw a lot of topless shots of both men and women, and none of them ever felt too good to be true. The who's online feature is a good way to talk to active women since users don't have their last date of online activity in their profile. Uberhorny is quite safety conscious too, which might seem like a minor point but I find it quite important. The website and mobile version have help and support available for any issues such as scammers or hackers contacting you, and the site is as secure as they come.

Sites like Uberhorny can be a target for malware, but every visit was safe and secure. The interface is quick and real easy to use. You'e not limited to only contacting users you've matched with; you're free to communicate or make contact in other ways, such a sending them a virtual kiss with whoever you want. Firstly is the fact you can't do much without a Gold Membership. I find this is a big oversight and no doubt forces people to go back to their old dating sites instead. With the trial periods, you don't get much chance to test what Uberhorny has to offer, either. Besides, is it really a trial period if you have to pay for it?

Uberhorny also doesn't recommend users to you. With a lot of modern sites, you find that there's usually an algorithm which matches you with another person based on info in your profile. This isn't an option with Uberhorny, so you have to do all the digging yourself. Finally, the high membership prices would put a lot of people off. Some users won't be ready to part with such cash for such a basic site, and will probably see them going elsewhere. Hopefully, this is something that Uberhorny will fix in time.

Uberhorny's got a lot going for it, but it's not the easiest way to get laid - not by a long shot. If you're looking for a barebones app with a few live cams and a little porn on the side, you'll have a good mount of fun using Uberhorny. If you're looking for endless sex with a sea of horny women, go elsewhere. If you use Uberhorny for long enough, I have no doubt that you'll find top success. However, for the steep price and the amount of work you'll have to put in, it's not really worth it just to get laid a handful of times. If you want to find real users and get sex tonight, there are better sites out there.

See some of our other reviews, or better yet, check out or own fuck site. We hope our Uberhorny review has helped you decide which fuck app to use! Uber horny.

Hornyuber com

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