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You remember it like it was yesterday. The surprise on your face was almost matched by hers. You could tell that she had been thinking it for a while and it sort of slipped past her lips to your ears. Too late she noticed and took the head into her mouth as you attempted to hold back the thick ropes of cum you were shooting down her throat.

Then it became a fun thing you guys did on Fetlife. It really excited you to see how wet she got when other men showed her attention. But now here in this chair you are not so sure this is what you really want. Can you just sit by and let your wife fuck a stranger. His cock is only a little bigger. And she loves you so there is that. The knock on the hotel door snaps you out of your mind and brings you back to the fact that this is actually happening.

Your wife is clearly less apprehensive than you since she is practically sprinting to the door. You are frozen in the chair. You hear her greet him and you are oddly surprised when you hear them kiss. I guess you knew that was going to happen but why does it seem so offensive. You stand and shake.

So you quickly think of some rules. At this point your wife has already been stroking his growing cock through his pants and so she drops to her knees and takes him in her mouth right in front of you. You keep trying to make eye contact with her but she is staring directly into his eyes. Finally she stands back up and he rips her clothes off he picks her up and carries her to the bed.

You tell yourself that you enjoy her pleasure, and you do, but you wish you were enough. She asks to turn over so she can look at the stud plowing her and he obliged. She passionately kisses him while he thrusts into her with force. He looks up at you and for the first time you are intimidated. He is controlling the room. You are sitting there watching him TAKE your wife.

He can do whatever he wants with her and all three of you know that. Just then you hear both of the cumming. They lay there kissing and you are wondering when is she going to stand up and get that cum out? She lays her head on his chest and calls you over. And you realize you have no choice, you cuck! The cheating wife I had hooked up with asked to be handcuffed and of course I had to oblige. Her Husband was away on business and she told me she loved it hard and rough, which is why I had chosen her in the first place.

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that I would have her spread out, naked for me as soon as possible. I moved in quickly, wearing her down until I was in her bed, fucking her slowly and passionately, the way I usually do the first few times until I know if they can handle me. She had been able to handle me. In fact, she could take my cock unlike any other woman I had fucked.

She let me fuck her hard and fast. She let me grip her hair and choke her. She loved being spanked and she loved taking orders. She sucked cock like she has been formally trained in doing so. She was perfect. Too perfect. I was addicted to her pussy.

I needed it to breathe. She let me have it. She let me have her, giving her body to me completely. I wanted to fuck her every which way. I wanted to try things dirty and filthy with her. She shared my sentiments, which is why she asked me to handcuff and tie her up any way I wanted and to take what I wanted from her. This invitation sent me searching for my ropes, which I found. It had been a long time since I had tied up a woman, but I remembered how. I had her tied up in no time, her arms and legs spread across the bed, her pussy and ass facing up to me and vulnerable.

Except now it was real. I fingered her pussy, licked it for her and listened to her moans and screams of pleasure as I used my oral skills to make her cum. She bucked against the ropes and watching her squirm made my cock so hard that I needed to fuck. Her panties were still partially on, so I shoved them aside and pushed my cock roughly into her. She was the only woman that had been able to take the full length of my long cock. But even she had her limitations.

She was fucking growling as I slowly fucked her. I knew that tonight was different somehow. She knew it was too as she cummed that first time on my cock. I fucked her a little harder than I had ever fucked her before, just to test her out and see if I could take her there. Maybe she would be the one who could take my wrath. Maybe she was the one who could take the force of the most brutal fuck.

No woman had ever been able to before, but I was hopeful as she continued to happily cum and scream as I fucked her harder and harder. So I pushed her further, fucking her with longer, harder strokes. I could hear her breathing change as I sped up. She sounded like she was being deeply wounded, like I was knocking the wind out of her with my cock, like it was going so deep that it was hitting her lungs.

I wanted to ask if she was okay. I was about to cum and there was a momentary lapse in my ability to do anything except finish my fucking orgasm. So instead of checking in with her I pushed her fucking head down into the mattress and I fucked her even harder. I fucked her harder than I had ever fucked anyone, harder than anyone should be fucked. I was wrecking her fucking pussy and it felt so good. I had needed this release for a very long time and I took it. She was cumming. I could feel her pussy spasm, milking the cum from my cock before I even realized what was happening.

The pleasure flooded me and the release was immense. In that moment, I fell in complete and utter love with her. She had taken the hardest fuck and she had cum her ass off. My mind is saturated with thoughts and images of my gorgeous girl being pleasured by another man. I ask myself why I would take my own pleasure from seeing her enjoyed by and enjoying anyone else other than me. The answer is simple. I get pleasure from seeing her in ecstasy. My greatest joy is seeing her face beam with joy as she looks at mine beaming with pride. I adore her giddy moods when she feels wanted and lusted after, she becomes even more beautiful than she already is.

She radiates, she shines when she is wanted…. I need to see her glow bright with self pride when she is enjoyed physically. My own pride in turn will burst out of me. My girl, my world, my pride and joy… in ecstasy. I will be the proudest stag alive. Claiming her back will be sensational. Owning her again, marking my territory once more, becoming mine once again.

I will make her beam brighter than any other can, as I will be prouder than any man is. So my best friend has already cucked me with my wife but my ultimate fantasy would be for her to cage me and strip me naked and invite my friend over while she dressed in her best lingerie for him.

He would come over and sit on our couch while she straddled him and made out with him, dry humping him as he squeezed her ass while she moans with excitement as they make out. I would be sitting on the other couch caged and watching, he would click his fingers at me and tell me to go and get them a drink and from the kitchen I hear them giggling and making out.

When I come back she would already be on her knees in between his legs sucking his cock. I would hand him his drink and place hers on the side table and return to my chair. I watch on as she sucks and slobbers all over his cock, licking up and down his big shaft, sucking his balls while his cock rests on her face.

She would hold her tongue out while he slaps her face with it. Being made to listen to her talk about how big and thick it is and much harder it is to fit in her mouth. Then he tells her to get up and go to the room.

Hotwife discussion

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