How to know if youre blocked on kik

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Kik is a popular mobile-based messaging tool and is rapidly gaining huge popularity. The company claims that the active user base has been increasing constantly each month. The main advantage of the Kik is its ability to block users easily if the relevant user is constantly troubling by sending fake offers and SPAM messages. In the same way, other users will block you for reasons unknown to you. If you block Mr. Alternatively, Mr. X can block you. If your Kik has added over 50 users, then it will be difficult to find out which user has blocked you.

In this article, we will list two methods for you to keep track of the users who block you. You can easily find out whether the particular user has blocked you or not by just sending a message on Kik. You can deliver a message by navigating to the Kik app from within your smartphone and opening the chat conversation. There are several message status you should know on Kik Messenger. Alternatively, you can contact the user via other methods with a request to unblock you. If you think that a user has blocked you, then you can create a group and add their username from the Kik app.

If you are unable to create a group with Mr X, the X could have blocked you. We hope that you have now understood the various methods by which you can check whether users have blocked you or not. If the chat window displays S, it indicates that the message has been delivered to the Kik server successfully. If the status changes to D, then it indicates that the message has been delivered to the recipient. If the recipient re the message, then the system will display R, which infers that the message has been opened and read. Find Us on Facebook Twitter Youtube annonces sexe. All Rights Reserved.

How to know if youre blocked on kik

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How to Tell if Someone Has Blocked You on Kik Messenger