Non consent erotica

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in. I want to talk about metoo, and I want to frame it in the context of my own life and my writing. It then spiraled outward, showing how this type of exercise of power extends to all workplaces, all industries, and also within families, education, sports, and other places where men and women, or boys and girls, share a space. I think I was catcalled once, in high school, by a fellow student as I walked past him sitting on the lawn in front of the school.

It hardly registered as meaningful. But as far as I can recall, nothing more severe than that ever happened to me. Certainly nothing that left a lasting memory. Or am I just oblivious, and I actually have been subjected to inappropriate behaviors without even realizing it?

I have no idea. But I have read story after story of friends who were raped by boyfriends, or harassed by bosses and belittled when they went to HR, or stalked by coworkers, or groped by random men at parties or on public transportation or at work, or abused by family members or friends of family or people who were supposed to be helping them, or had their appearance commented on negatively, or who had violence threatened if they turned someone down for a date or sex, and on and on and on, episode after episode.

A further element to this is that in the fantasy, we can act out a scenario in which we fight back or win or get what we wanted out of the encounter; again, reclaiming our power. Madison Barry writes erotica focusing on themes of domination and submission. Find her on Amazon or Smashwords or your favorite ebook retailer. Get started. Open in app. Madison Barry. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Sexual Assault Erotica Fiction. More from Madison Barry Follow. More From Medium. Gwendolyn VanSant. Amber Fraley.

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Non consent erotica

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