Shy bi forum

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It can be difficult to find good quality information about bisexuality so we collected the following links from group members. Forums ShyBi — popular community for bisexual and questioning women. ShyBi Guys — community for bisexual and questioning men. Unregistered guests can post. Bisexuality forum on Reddit — varied discussions. Online version is a slideshow on flickr image gallery website. Other s on the site cover polyamory, gender and body politics.

BiCon — the annual UK bisexual community get-together. The Advocate , Bisexuality US — magazine articles about bisexuality. Bisexuality articles include bi myths and Glasgow BiCon. Brook, Sexuality section — s about sexuality links at foot of . Am I gay, lesbian or bisexual? NHS Choices — England — explains about sexual orientation and related topics. Bialogue tumblr — US activist group aiming to educate the public on the facts and realities of bisexuality. A few videos of ordinary people discussing experiences. BiUK — national organisation for bisexual research and activism. Bisexual Resource Center US — bi community support and awareness.

Scotland's organisation for bisexuals.

Shy bi forum

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