Skat fetish

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Male, 24, good job and considered normal by society's standards minus the scat fetish. I wasn't abused as and actually have had this fetish since I was 5 yes 5 years old. Im a Scatman!!!! I've really come to dislike you, hitler, but this is a fucking funny ass comment! Fuckin hilaious Scat is a little ambiguous. Do you want to eat da poo poo, or someone else to eat yours? This is a Parental Guidance Moment. This guy probably like sticking his fist all the way into another man's fist. It smells worse than it tastes, but by no means something you wan to taste if you don't have a fetish for it.

I saw the full video already before the clip became viral. I always had to pretend to be grossed out though when I watched it with friends. To get your star, can you make a video of your face while watching 2 girls one cup? Haha nooooo. There's a reason why this is a throwaway :. The same as yours :. Dog shit doesn't do anything sexually for me. I have a scat fetish. Ask me anything. Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best. Moopeee-do-tidly-dee-dee-wah-wah Sheddly-bop! Oh yeah Continue this thread. Do people give you shit? I wish well females anyway , but no.

Prefer to be an eater. Female only. How does poop taste exactly? You see a pile of dogshit on the street. Describe your reaction. More posts from the IAmA community. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. Created May 27, Top posts july 8th Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top.

Skat fetish

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Scat Fetish - Porn video